Shifting Solutions

The portfolio of shifting solutions available includes synchronizer systems, components and powershift clutches primarily for agriculture, construction and commercial vehicle applications. We have a proven capability in designing and manufacturing powershift clutches using the most advanced manufacturing techniques including electron beam and laser welding systems, satisfying all customers’ specific applications.

Agriculture Construction Transportation Automotive

We are the world’s leading design and manufacturing supplier of synchronizers for agricultural tractors: Nearly 80 percent of all agricultural vehicles in production today are equipped with our shifting solutions.

We produce one million synchronizers per year for tractors, construction equipment, passenger cars and trucks. In addition, we offer the largest range of shifting solutions from 62 to 184 mm.

Our strengths are built upon our:

  • More than 30 years of experience in synchronizer design
  • Tailored solutions for each customer need
  • Innovative concepts for the most demanding applications
  • Short development lead time
  • State-of-the-art production technologies

Synchronizer Units

Synchronizer Units

With more than 30 years of experience in synchronizers design, we offer our customers the best shifting solution, tailored to their needs.

  • The widest existing product offering, saving development time and cost
  • Friction cones from 62 mm single, double, triple cone modular design to 184 mm
  • Research and Development:
    • Best-in-class capability to develop optimal solutions for the most demanding customer applications
    • Layout studies, performance analysis, virtual validation
    • Internal testing capability, transmission and vehicle
    • Dedicated prototyping production development

Powershift Clutch Modules

We have the capability to design, develop, and test complete powershift units according to customers specific applications.

The technologies available for producing the clutch housing are flow forming, grob rolling, broaching, and laser or electron-beam welding. These technologies provide many advantages to the customer; material is cleaner and less distorted, larger welding depth (up to 15 mm), cycle time reduction, reliability and consistency in the process.

Powershift Clutch Modules

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