The Company has a global manufacturing to deliver high quality to customers worldwide.

  • Balanced global manufacturing and R&D footprint
  • Extensive global network of distributors
  • Customer proximity / cooperation
  • Fulfil local content requirements
  • Specialization by product lines

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Our vision

Our vision is our guiding star. It defines what we want to achieve and helps us to navigate while our mission defines how we get there.

  • Our passion drives your world!

Our mission

  • We are a global leader in providing high-performance gears, market-leading shifting solutions, power-transfer units, differentials and planetary drives for the agriculture, construction, transportation, automotive as well as energy & mining industries. We drive success through passion, high performance and excellence. In doing so, we deliver value to our customers through innovative solutions, transforming energy into motion. We combine a team, that cares and respects other contributions, commits to a safe and sustainable environment, and thrives to make clean mobility accessible to everyone. 

Our underlying key success enablers are

  • focus
  • growth
  • people
  • rightsizing and upgrade
  • quality