Our engineering and technical teams have provided innovative solutions to meet the requirements of this ever-changing field for more than 100 years. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and operational reliability, our wide agricultural product range helps maximize crop yields while minimizing operating costs.


To meet the most-demanding construction needs, we provide proven reliability and durability. From heavy-duty axles, Spicer® Torque-Hub® planetary drives, electrified drives, and associated components, we are leaders in keeping construction equipment working.


From small recreational utility vehicles to high-performance cars, we are a preferred partner for automotive drivelines, both conventional and electrified. Our expertise in design and manufacturing excellence has established us as leaders in the light-vehicle market.


Custom equipment in a variety of unique applications highlights our strengths in engineering and in understanding customer needs. Backed by a century of experience, we approach every solution differently. Whether you are moving people across town in city buses, or pushing back a 400-ton airplane, we have developed and delivered custom gearing solutions for it.


We have been developing custom drive solutions for mechanically, hydraulically, and electrically driven machinery for leading global OEMs for nearly 100 years. Our engineering expertise and extensive manufacturing capabilities are available to solve your greatest equipment challenges.

Energy and Mining